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Georgi Sareski 6 (feat. Francesco Bearzatti)


2006, Chicken Madness


Georgi Sareski: guitar, composer and arranger
Francesco Bearzatti: tenor sax
Dzijan Emin: French horn, Korg MS-20
Vladan Drobicki: trombone
Oliver Josifovski: upright bass
Alek Sekulovski: drums

“The appearance of saxophone maestro Francesco Bearzatti serves as a catalyst for the band. He blows a powerful tenor saxophone, which can be compared to Sonny Rollins at his freest and Albert Ayler at his more accessible. He frequently embarks on dialogues with other players, mostly with trombone player Vladan Drobicki, best heard on the second title track. Occasionlly the two of them (and the rest of the band) go into dog fights, with musicians cathartically playing their hearts out.”

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